How to Get (A) Fabulous Restaurant Website Design on A Tight Budget

In modern realities, the presence of a restaurant website is no longer an element of luxury, but more a tool for increasing the profit and recognition of a restaurant.

What should be the “correct” website for a restaurant will be answered in our article?

Let’s go to a restaurant. Do not rush to put on your holiday suit and look for stilettos, we will take a virtual walk through the restaurant’s website. Why is it needed? You ask yourself. A website for a restaurant is a great opportunity to attract new customers, keep old ones and in general facilitate communication with your audience. This website is another plus in the treasury of a positive image of the restaurant.

A Website Maintenance Dubai for a restaurant is not just a beautiful postcard that amuses the pride of the owner of the establishment: it is created primarily for visitors, it should be convenient and make you want to visit the establishment.


In such a field as the restaurant business, loyalty plays a leading role, so your page on the Internet should be as attractive and useful as possible.

  • Convenience

Website navigation should be intuitive. Preferably, the top menu is large and contains the following sections: About the company, Services, Gallery, Contacts. A website for a restaurant should be as descriptive as possible and contain a lot of colorful photos: show the “taste” of your dishes, the beauty of the interior, the convenience of placing an institution – let the users want to come to you!

  • Simple feed

All the main sections of your web design Dubai, in addition to the graphic, will surely be filled with some textual information. So: do not write abstrusely. Try to make the writing style as simple and clear as possible. When you write about your dishes, promotions and services, write as if you are telling this to a close friend.

  • Style

The Web Design Sharjah should be made in accordance with the corporate colors and the interior of the restaurant itself. There is not necessarily a blind adherence to the color palette of the establishment, but a single style should be maintained with the real establishment (restaurant) and “speak” to the user where it has arrived: elegant black and gold are suitable for a fashionable restaurant, and bright green and orange for fast food restaurants. .

  • Updates

If your prices have changed, new dishes have appeared in the menu, promotions are taking place in the restaurant – all this should be displayed on the web design Dubai. Information in no case should not be outdated, all irrelevant prices, photos or promotions must be promptly deleted, otherwise it is anti-advertising for your business.



We have already said what the main sections should be provided on your web design Dubai. In addition, it should also include such sections and the following options:

  • Reservations

Make it so that your customers have the opportunity to book a table at your place without leaving your home. Perhaps your regular customers already have favourite places in the hall, so it would be good if the site has the option of choosing a table.

  • Address of the restaurant, telephone and location map

Your new customers should understand exactly where you are. Place on the site a map where the route to the establishment will be shown in detail.

  • View menu

Customers who only want to come to you and regular visitors should have a clear idea of ​​what your dishes look like. Make sure that they are comfortable with your menu, accompany it with photos of your dishes.

  • Home delivery

If you are engaged in food delivery to your home, you need to provide an order form for delivery on the website, where the customer can indicate the list of dishes of interest.

  • Virtual restaurant tour

Show your guests the interior of the place – for sure, besides delicious dishes, your restaurant has a lot to be proud of. Arrange for them a virtual tour: in the future it will be useful to them when booking a table, because customers will be able to indicate which place in the hall they liked the most.

  • History of restaurants

Tell us about yourself. In addition to the colourful pictures of the interior and the menu, visitors will probably be curious to know what distinguishes your restaurant from other similar ones, what is its zest, etc.

  • Information about promotions, discounts and discount offers

Provide on the site information on current news of the menu, a dish of the day, promotions and discount offers for regular customers.

  • Photo / video materials about past events

Your regular customers will certainly be interested to see the report from the past holidays, during which they were guests of your restaurant. Give them that opportunity by posting a photo in the gallery.


  •  Cooking process

Your guests come to the restaurant to eat, but not to cook, so it will not always be interesting for your visitors to demonstrate the whole process of cooking. Exception – dishes with a spectacular process of cooking and serving.

  • Employee Search Information

Your customers do not need to know that you do not have enough hands, otherwise they might think that this affects the process of cooking.

  • Site music

It is unlikely that you can guess the musical preferences of all your visitors, so if you still want to add music to the site, give visitors the opportunity to turn off the melody themselves if they do not like it.

  • Reviews and forum

If your web design Dubai has such a section, regularly monitor and respond to all requests and negative feedback from your customers. Do not forget to clean this category from spam.

 So, first you need to determine why you need a website and what issues it should solve and, ideally, how. Take care that the Shopify development Dubai is intuitive, colorful and in the spirit of your restaurant.