Interesting Facts About Pyramids

ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, THE PYRAMID OF GIZA, HAS remained an enigma even to pyramidologists. Scholars have committed their existence to the research of this enigma, however few were able to resolve the mystery behind the building of this edifice. The mystery of the mathematical precision of its dimensions, and the fact that this is being determined presently shows even the accuracy of its personal predictions-like Nostradamus who anticipated his very own death and the date while his body could be exhumed and transferred to a one-of-a-kind grave. Unfortunately the overall implication of the pyramid and its prophecies ought to remain an enigma as long as the essential problems are omitted.

Through the Grail Message, enlightenment also came to mankind at the importance of this work.

The pyramid changed into constructed approximately six thousand five hundred years in the past-two thousand five hundred years before the destruction of Troy (which coincided with the era of Abraham); 4 thousand 5 hundred years B.C.E. And three thousand years before Moses. It became constructed about 5 thousand 5 hundred years after the sinking of Atlantis. In my earlier write-up about Atlantis, I indicated that the actual Atlanteans, or the Erarians, all perished whilst Atlantis sank, and made up what today we describe because the Arian race of their further incarnations. Many may additionally had been a part of the then home of information in Chaldea, the then world middle of understanding. And it turned into in Chaldea that the pyramid of Giza was conceptualized. Clairvoyants and mediums of very high fame have been capable of see the reproduction of the pyramid in the past, and were commissioned to wait for the grasp builder who will translate it to the material global. And this master builder became to be located in Arabia. His call became Pyramon.

Pyramon journeyed to Chaldea because he Orgonite pyramid has been instructed by means of the Wiseman in Arabia, who studied under Sargon the Priest-King of Chaldea, whose name become Magog, that his lifestyles paintings lies in going to the land of the clever guys to acquire commands at the constructing of a prophetic monument on earth, which will be a secular imitation of the pyramid that exists on the supply of creations. (The one at the summit of creations is a diamond crystal subsumed by means of flames.)There he was offered with the version of the pyramid which he has regularly visible in his desires. He changed into instructed that the giants will handiest paintings with him or nobody else, and that the pyramid could be the remaining work that the giants will do in collaboration with humans.

Perhaps it is vital to explain who the giants are. To provide an explanation for that would entail going into mythology, as a minimum, to deliver out the fundamental remnants of know-how that has been transmitted to us through fables and fable. For example, we recognise thru the Greek mythology that there has been an Atlas that held the sky on the summit of the Atlas Mountains. And we also recognize via the Greeks that there had been gods who engage with humans. But what may additionally sound ordinary to humans is that these so referred to as gods are nonetheless in lifestyles today, and that a few human beings nevertheless interact with them because they see them. Of greater current controversies is the truth that some people, like the famous creator of Shylock Holmes collection of detective works, were capable of see those and documented their interplay with gnomes.

Among this institution of beings are giants. These giants have their subject of activity, no longer inside the airy plane, but inside the medium gross matter, generally referred to as the astral plane by using mystical pseudoscience. They additionally have the ability to work on the numerous intermediate planes between the astral aircraft and the bodily international. That changed into why it turned into possible for humans to see them with particularly touchy physical eyes. That became also why they could work immediately at the bodily international at the same time because the astral world, additionally having their influence in the airy. They worked with Hjalfder millions of years in the past, with Ororun in Atlantis twelve thousand years in the past, and have been the guardians of the treasures of Ara-Mazda’s ruined palace in Iran. But their last energetic collaboration with human beings was in the course of the development of the superb pyramid. They are called the giants due to their tremendous length. This aught to be differentiated from the ones massive beings whose responsibilities are the safety of places of worship.

The exact function of the pyramid changed into carefully decided on. It is supposed to be at the middle of the arena, 90 levels east of the Bermuda triangle. And this center changed into now not in Chaldea; now not in Arabia but in Egypt. Today it can be recognized at the precise intercession factor between longitude 30 ranges east and range 30 tiers north. Initially this turned into supposed to be the intersection between latitude 0 diploma and longitude zero tiers. But using present day devices changed all that-coupled with the reality that the earth has been converting in its orbital role because of growing tension due to darkish airy clouds.It is separated from the Bermuda triangle by 90 ranges.

On being informed by Sargon the Priest king of Chaldea, Gum Kolbe, a hoary old guy of over hundred years of age, and who seemed some distance younger, was assigned to train him the use of a version that became already built for the purpose. Pyramon had later to construct every other model all with the aid of himself to acquaint himself of the problems and challenges involved. At this time, Tishbe, a youngster who changed into related to Pyramon with a supra earthly bond of affection, got here to Chaldea from Arabia and turned into in brief with him before he left for Akeru in Egypt. Tishbe’s task became to help combat the Luciferian religious cults that demand for the glorification of the girl frame, killings and falsehood for its sustenance. She later went to fulfill Pyramon in Egypt and became able to save you him from being poisoned a 2nd time through one of the priestesses of the new god, Septu, also called Lucifer or Baal. Priestesses of this “god” had as soon as attempted to homicide Pyramon via poison to save you him from finishing the pyramid. They all but succeeded, and Pyramon become In coma for several weeks. All the healers of Akeru did the whole lot they understand of but to no avail, hence they’d no option but to appeal to the Elemental lord of restoration and remedy to in my opinion interfere. Aesculapius heeded their request and came by himself. His lower subordinates, the gods of thunder and lightning, displayed inside the statement of his coming, and he got here and become capable of unite Pyramon returned to his body.

About 5 hundred years later, when Lucifer succeeded in taking on the manipulate of Pharaohs as their guide and adviser, he become referred to as Re or Ra. Lucifer, of course, turned into now not seen for my part by using these Pharaohs but his emanations. At that point, he became sending messages to the people thru his priestesses inside the call of the Lord of the Sun. The being in fee of the solar is masculine whilst those in price of the moon and the earth are girl respectively. Thus the lots touted word mom-father-earth is an aberration.