Statistics of Car Accidents in Thailand and How to Prevent Them

In Thailand, there are lots of people moving and moving all the time. While traffic is ongoing, in every second, there might be car accidents occured, whether they are serious or not. To warn drivers about car accidents, here are the statistics of car accidents occured in 2021, Thailand.

Where Has the Highest Number of Car Accidents?

According to the Department of Highways, Bangkok is the province that has the highest number of car accidents, which occurred 1,442 times, or 7.04% of the total number of car accidents that occurred in Thailand. Apart from that, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Suphan Buri, are respectively in the top 5 of the provinces that have the highest number of accidents. But how knowing this data will help you prevent the accident? As you can see, provinces that are crowded with cars and vehicles are more likely to have car accidents. So, if you have to go to such provinces, you should have to be more careful while you are driving. However, it does not mean that you can drive carelessly when you drive in small provinces such as Yala, Phrae, and Phichit.

What Kind of Car had the Most Car Accidents in Thailand?

According to the Department of Highways, pick-up trucks had the most car accidents in Thailand. Statistics show that pick-up trucks were involved in car accidents 11,012 times, or 35.67% of the number of car accidents that occurred in Thailand. That means that when you are driving, you might want to be aware of pick-up truck drivers. But from the same statistics, it also shows that 4-door cars were frequently involved in car accidents 7,522 times, or 24.36% of the number of car accidents that occurred in Thailand.

What were the Causes of Car Accidents in Thailand?

There are many causes for car accidents happening in Thailand. Here are the top 5 causes of car accidents in Thailand: speeding, cutting something or somebody off, sleepy driving, potential car problems, and drunk driving. From the data, it is obvious that speeding was one of the main reasons for car accidents; when you are speeding the car, your car would likely be out of control. And most of the time, when cars are out of your control, there is a high tendency that cars cannot be in a rebalanced state anymore. Other reasons like sleepy driving, and drunk driving are also serious problems nowadays. Having this data allows us to warn us not to drive recklessly, or not to do anything that is considered risky.

 After looking at these statistics, you might fully acknowledge that even common mistakes can lead you to a car accident. Although you have prepared yourself all the time, there might be unexpected events, or even worse, serious car accidents, happening before you notice. Because of that, having car insurance in Thailand would be very helpful for all drivers. If you have a car accident, with car insurance, you will not have to worry about expenses such as car expenses, and medical expenses in case you are injured by the accident.