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Exclusively to our registered members we offer advertising online article publishing a paid services. By posting and publishing your article(s) – to BoostAdvertisingOnline.com (BAO) Advertising Online and Articles Publishing AND the re-publishing articles – you agree to the Site Terms Of Use (ToU) and the following Terms of Services;

1. Changes to these Terms and Service (ToS):

We reserve the right to change these Article Terms of Service (ToS) at any time. Any changes are effective immediately upon posting to the Site or use of Site. You continued use of our Articles Services or the Site constitutes, you agree to these Terms and Service (ToS). If not mentioned in this ToS, the ICC – International Chamber of Commerce – Marketing & Advertising will be applicable.

2. Independent Statement:

BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles does not endorse or recommend anything.
The information and advice of the authors that have submitted their articles and advertisers to this site are owned by them alone, are their perspectives and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of BoostAdvertisingOnline.com.
Further, BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles and Advertising does not recommend any product or service or advice found in the articles or outbound links or any advertisement within this site.

3. Use of Site and Article Services:

Using anything attached to BoostAdvertisingOnline.com, our posting and published articles, our e-newsletter, our RSS feeds or our Site is entirely at your own risk.

4. Copyright Ownership:

You state that you are the single proprietor as well as the writer of the article or advertisement as well as own 100% of all copyrights relating to the article(s) and advertisement(s).

5. Publishing & Distribution Rights:

Your posting to BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles provides us genuine approval for us to publish and release your article(s) on the BAO Network Site and also included distribution to for example but not limited to, social media, RSS feeds and also email newsletters to members and others. Your posting to BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles additionally provides us genuine approval for your article(s) to be publish and released or reprinted included distribution to for example but not limited to, various other as well as associated and 3rd parties internet sites, and also print publications in magazines.

6. Violation Of Your Copyright by Others:

We ask proprietors/authors/advertisers to follow our reprint policies regulations as specified and listed below, however you accept that the enforcement of our terms and conditions to (re)publish – Publishing TC, is at your risk and also costs and not ours. Simply said, if someone violates your copyright; it will certainly be your full responsibility to take legal action versus those violators that abuse your copyright to secure your interests. If you do not accept the BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles these terms, do not post your article(s)/advertisement(s) here on our Site.

7. Publishing:

It is the BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles/Advertisement Organisation’s decision whether your article(s) will be published, this also includes – if no further arrangements have been made regarding – the for the duration and the number of (possible) re-postings. There are absolutely no warranties made that your article(s) will published. For sure, in this quality matters. As a rule, we publish adverts and articles immediately (within a day), but in violation and qualitative defects we can decide not to publish or remove these without any refund

8. Eliminate Articles and Terminate Author Account:

We reserve the right to eliminate your article(s), adverts and/or your author and advertiser account at any moment for any kind of reason. Periodically we review the advertisers, writers, if you article(s) do not meet our standards, are not informative or you did not submit any kind of article(s) we have had not the ability to approve and to publish, we might evaluate your author and/or advertiser account for termination.

9. Re-classy Articles:

The BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles Organisation reserves the right to re-classify your posted article(s) in a subject group that might be preferable compared to initially posting send.

10. No Payment for Published Articles:

You accept that BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles do not reimburse or pay for your submissions or your published article(s) on the BoostAdvertisingOnline.com Network Sites or any otherwise use of your article(s). The main reason for posting your article(s) to our article directory is promoting you as an author, your business, building backlinks to your site as well as for the opportunity to be picked up by various other publishers or webmasters to be republished to their corresponding readers. While BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles exposure receive multitude business interested visitors, there are no warranties your article(s) will certainly be republished or seen by any individual.

11. Articles May Contain Our Adverts BoostAdvertisingOnline.com:

Articles may be advertiser supported and we reserve the right to publish ads on the same pages as your articles.

12. Article Content Guidelines:

If your article does not conform to the BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles editorial guidelines, our editors may reject publishing (without any refund) or edit your article so that it does conform to the posted editorial guidelines. The most prominent article content guidelines are
• Must be informative and add value to our target audience
• Must have a correct Author Profile
• May contain up to 2 outbound links to your own personal or business sites (direct affiliate business links or to moneymaking ads are not allowed!)
• Must be in proper English
• Must have a proper structure
• Must contain unique content, no rehashed material or overly similar to prior postings
• Must not be formatted as a blog post or personal email or letter
• No Private Label Rights (PLR) article(s), those are not accepted
• No Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and “Get Fast Rich / Scams” article(s), those are not accepted
• No negative content towards any product, company, individual or group.
• Must not contain sacrilege or pornography
• Must not contain illegal or overly dubious/suspicious content
• Must not contain unethical activities and practices

13. Not Allowed Topics in Adverts and Articles:

If your advert and/or article does contain the below elements, including but not limited to, our editors may reject publishing (without any refund);
• Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and “Get Fast Rich / Scams”
• Sex, pornography, eroticism,
• Soft and hard drugs or drug-related products,
• Tobacco or tobacco-related products,
• SMS subscription services,
• Illegal software,
• Unsafe food supplements,
• Unsafe medicines and vitamins,
• Misleading financial services,
• Products primarily designed to circumvent certain laws,
• Other illegal products and / or services.
• Misleading advertising including ads that imply being part of BoostAdvertisingOnline.com
• Aggressive advertising including ads that call or encourage discrimination, violence or other criminal offenses.
• The use of content without having permission for it, which infringes (intellectual property) third party rights, or otherwise is not permitted by law.
• Offensive, controversial or inappropriate content that can be perceived as malicious, including negative statements about people, organizations or other groups.
• The posting of trust, quality or other similar labels without obtaining the required permission.

13. No Links of Affiliate Business or Moneymaking Ads

You certify that you will not send in any articles and adverts with direct affiliate business links or (fast) moneymaking ads links in them. We reject articles and adverts with direct affiliate links.

13. No Email Campaigns – PPC or PPV Accepted:

Unlike others, you may promote your article(s) by purchase traffic or utilize PPC – PayPerClick and PPV – PayPerView. Bulk email campaigns – with links to your article(s) – are strictly forbidden, since spam may result in problems or blacklisted of the Site. Doing so we will hold you responsible for all consequences and costs and also your author account will be terminated.

14. Reprint Regulations:

If you want to publish/reprint any kind of article from our Site or affiliated Network Sites in your website, ezine, newsletter, blog, online forum, RSS feeds or print magazine, you must adopt our reprint regulations:
• Respect copyrights of the authors of our Site by releasing the full article as it is without any adjustments.
• Accept to include the full Author Biography in your article reprints.
• Acknowledge not to edit or change the title or content of an article at all.
• Accept to take over all web links and ensure that those links are active and linkable without any syntax structure adjustments.
• Accept to include in each article taken from our Site and Article Source Credit below each reprinted article with an active link active like this – Article Source: BoostAdvertisingOnline.com.
• You do not have to include the Google ads that are found on our site when you reprint any article from our Site.
• Acknowledge not to place any of the articles taken from this Site to any kind of website that also consists of warez, illegal or prohibited audio, document or data files, guidelines to create weapons and bombs or some kind of terrorist methods, or expressions that promote and contain hatred or sacrilege, or obscenity or racism, or includes pornography or utilize kids / youngsters or animals or any kind of human, or any other illegal activities.
• Accept never ever reprint any article from this Site using any unrequested e-mail(s) and spamming or pop up advertisements.
• Agree to never ever commercialize by selling any of our article(s) from the BoostAdvertisingOnline.com Site.
• Agree to never ever charge others costs to see and read any article(s) that you have reprint from our article Site.
• Agree to limited reprints, to restrict the number of article(s) reprinted will not be above taking 50 articles from our Site per annual to reprinted on a unique domain. Furthermore, for sites or domains, you may not reprint over 125 articles per annual (5 sites/domains x 50 article can be reprinted annually).
• Accept not to utilize any kind of content from our Site in video or audio by-products whatsoever.
• Acknowledge never translate / convert any content and material from our Site in any other language. You may not produce copy or spin from any of our content on our Site.
• Accept not to add any additional active links to the article(s) in reprints and existing links in articles from our site should be respected; left intact or included in the reprint. We do not accept reprint’s unethical conduct to relate our authors falsely in endorsing those added or changed links when in actually there is no truth to that.
• Acknowledge never ever reprint any kind of author picture(s) or image(s) found on our Site, although all other data in Author Biography has to be in the reprint.
• It would be polite to inform an author if you plan or you actually publish a reprint of their article(s), however currently we are not provide authors email address, but in Author Biography is their Personal LinkedIn and business website.
• While BoostAdvertisingOnline.com does usually not possess the copyright of the articles published on our Sites, we do are authorized by authors / copyright owners to publish and distribute the articles.
• No additional authorization is required from the author / copyright owner of any article within our as long as you accept every term listed in this Terms of Service.
Note; If you violate any of the above and any other items in these Terms of Service and/or any author copyright when reprinting articles from our site, you agree to be held responsible for all lawyer fees and legal and other damages awarded upon a copyright infringement lawsuit that may be brought against you.

15. Withdrawal of Reprint and Consequences:

You accept and understand that BoostAdvertisingOnline.com has the sole right to withdraw these reprint rights at any time for any kind of reason. If so, we provide 62 hours / 3 full days after notification to delete published articles from all sites or and stop immediately reprinting.
If you’re unreachable, you do also agree that we can contact your webhosting service provider to reach you as well as to inform you. If so, after a given notification to your webhosting service provider, you will have 48 hours / 2 full days to promptly eliminate the content of every article and stop reprinting of every article you have reprinted from our Site.
We demand a written confirmation indicating you have actually complied with our demand in order to reduce additional (legal) actions against you or your company to enforce this agreement.

16. Automatic Content Extraction is Forbidden:

You accept never make use of article spiders, rogue bots, website scrapers or any kind of automatic script/software or technique that attempts to extract, some or a large number simultaneously articles content on BoostAdvertisingOnline.com or affiliated Network Sites.

17. Liability and Disclaimer:

You, article authors/publishers, advertisers, re-publisher and all readers, are entirely responsible for your own actions, should you use any information found on this site and affiliated Network Sites. Furthermore BoostAdvertisingOnline.com – Articles and Adverts and its affiliated / allied sites and companies does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product represented of Articles and Adverts published on this site. To the full extent allowed by (Dutch) law, you or your organisation agree that Boost Advertising Online will not be liable, to you or your organisation for, including but not limited to;
• any consequential or incidental loss or (not foreseeable) damages (goods and belongings, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, wasted expenditure, loss of privacy and loss of data), or
• any personal injury or personal damage caused by us, third parties, other members
• any other indirect, special or punitive damages whatsoever that arise out of or relating to the Site, or
• any direct and consequential damage resulting from any article information or advice, any affiliate advice, knowledge transfer and sharing of knowledge, information obtained from events or training and of any other possibility, or
• any (other) business decisions that we take in our business operations, and
• our total liability is limited to contract period or membership duration and if we are found to be liable to you or your organisation our liability shall not exceed the (membership or service) fees.

18. Term and Termination:

You acknowledge that we are able to block your access to our Site and/or Membership. We reserve the right to terminate your or your organisation’s membership at any time without notice, and without issuing any refunds if it is in breach of the Terms and Service. We shall not be liable to you or your organisation or any third party arising from the termination of your or your organisation’s membership.

19. Governing Law:

The Terms of Services shall for all purposes be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands. You or your organisation and the Boost Advertising Online agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of The Netherlands. The place and performance of this agreement shall be Amsterdam The Netherlands.

20. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or queries of Boost Advertising Online Article Terms of Services (ToS), please contact us providing your or your organisation’s name, address and telephone number and details of your query, and use our contact page, Click Here