The social power of sticker marketing (and why you should try it in 2022)

What are your resolutions for 2022? Do you want to finally start your own business? Turn your side hustle into a full-time job? Or maybe you want to grow your brand and reach new customers? 


There are many routes you can take to reach your goals. Today, we will be introducing you to one you might not have come across before: sticker marketing. 


Yes, we are talking about the same stickers you might have played with as a kid. But these little sticky pieces of paper or plastic hold a true marketing power, and we will tell you exactly why they are worth using in 2022. 

We will cover the psychology of stickers, the allure, and give you some great examples of how to use custom vinyl stickers for your business. Does that sound good? Then let us get started. 


  1. It all happens in the mind 


Marketing objectives and key results are mostly measured in spreadsheets or analytics. That surely is a great way to gauge the success of your campaigns. However, true brand marketing happens in the mind and cannot be measured that easily. 


Think about it. Why do some consumers pick Pepsi over Coca Cola? Why are some of us adamant that Samsung is better than Apple? These ideas are based on gut feelings we develop for a specific brand. 


We think that Pepsi is the better choice because it feels right. Pepsi has managed to occupy the first spot in our mind when we think about cola. This is a difficult, yet incredibly rewarding endeavor. 


Stickers can help you get to this point by exposing consumers to your brand, and creating familiarity and awareness before they turn into customers. This way, your brand is on their mind when they next make a purchase decision. 


  1. Everybody loves stickers


This sounds very simplistic, but stickers do have a timeless allure. No matter how old we get, everybody loves stickers. This goes so far that we do not consider stickers to be advertising. Instead, we think of them as gifts. 


Did you know that there is a psychology behind gift-giving? In social psychology, this is referred to as the rule of reciprocity. It states that when we receive a gift, we want to return the favor to the person, business, or organization that gifted us. 


Particularly, in a business context, this can take the form of a recommendation, a post on social media, or even a repeat purchase. Your business can benefit from that by including free stickers with every order, sending a gift to every customer. 


All you have to do for that is to reach out to your sticker printer of choice and find the right material to match your design. Then, you can relax until your stickers arrive. 


  1. Customization makes us feel special 


Customized products make customers feel appreciated and valued, and they add a re-occurring sense of novelty to your products. 


Coca Cola produced one of the most famous instances of a customized product. Their “share a coke with” campaign, based on custom labels with names printed on them, increased sales from 1.7bn to 1.9bn servings a day! On top of that, the campaign trended worldwide as people were on the hunt for specific names.


The beauty of using stickers is that customization suddenly becomes easy. You do not have to re-print your entire packaging, Instead, a simple sticker that can easily be changed and updated can help you to elevate your product’s look and a customer’s brand experience. 


And this is why you should not ignore the social power of stickers in 2022. Are you ready to give them a try yourself? Or maybe you want to share your experience with us? Then please leave us a comment below.