Word Of God-Enjoying The Blessedness Of Christ

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If you wish a real blessing in your life – or a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit – turn to Romans Chapter 1 – In this first verse, every word is significant and weighty.

The main theme of this book is to learn the right way of getting right with God – through faith in Jesus Christ – ‘righteousness’ – or being right in the eyes of God.

The letter opens with the name of the writer – a who is jesus christ familiar form at that time – and although he goes on to deal with major topics – there are greetings – from a brother in Christ – it has to be more than formal.

Paul was a ‘servant’ or ‘slave’ of Jesus Christ. Paul has been described as a religious aristocrat – a scholar who had been to University – but now, he is not his own – he had been brought with a price – the blood of the Jesus Christ.

Slaves had no rights in the Roman Empire – of the 120 million people in the Roman Empire 60 million were slaves.

Paul had signed away all his rights, to become a willing slave of Christ Jesus.

Paul had been brought up to look for the Messiah – and in this letter, Paul is saying to the world – “I have found the Messiah – I have found the Christ”.

The one thing Messiah-seeking Saul of Tarsus needed to know – was that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was alive. Circumstances were transformed radically, at Damascus, when that knowledge became part of his personal spiritual experience

It is better to be a slave of Jesus Christ than to be ‘slaves to sin’ – ambition – drugs – alcohol – money – fragile temporary success – or whatever it might be.

Paul was called. He did not just receive the call of Jesus Christ – he obeyed it – and he makes it clear that it is God who has called him – and who motivated and inspired him. Paul introduces himself – and gives his credentials – because his desire is to go west to Spain – and to have a base in Rome, just as he had a base in Antioch.

We are called to belong – and we belong to obey.

He was an apostle – a sent one – the Latin root is missile – or missionary – but notice that Grace comes before Apostleship. Verse 5.

Paul was set apart – separated – one who was different. We are different – separated from certain things – set apart for the will of God and the work of God.